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Hello All. These are all my photos and videos from my visit to Macworld Expo

All excited to go down into the Expo

Here I am being interviewed at the WMWare Booth

And here is the video…

Me with people dressed as the Office for Mac symbols

The stage for The Macworld Best of Show Awards

Right before we go back home after an awesome Mac-Filled Day

My Macworld Experience

The Experience

On Thursday, February 11, 2010, my Dad gave me the surprise of  Macworld 2010! It was a really amazing experience. I learned a lot of new things. I found about a lot new companies, technologies, and much more.

At first I didn’t know I was going to Macworld it was a total surprise, I didn’t know I was going to Macworld until we reached San Francisco.

So the Thursday I woke up early and my dad told me that we were going to travel by train. We got off the train at around 9:20 and started to walk. While we were walking I saw numerous banners advertising the Macworld 2010 and I also showed them to my Dad. But not once did it strike me that I would be going to the event.  10 minutes later my Dad made me go forward, and then he went back a little asked a man walking by quietly where the Expo was. I didn’t hear what my Dad said, but clearly heard the answer.

My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe I was going to Macworld! My dad came back to me and by looking at my face he knew I had found out the surprise. I asked him, “Are we actually going to Macworld!” like a hundred times. Soon right before my eyes was Moscone Center where the Expo was being held. A huge banner said Macworld 2010 right in the front. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get in.

In Macworld I learned a lot of new things. I found out about new companies like Omni Group,, new software companies, and much more. Look for greater detail on these companies on my future blogs.

Best of Show Awards

I learnt that there was a show of 6 different products that had won the Macworld Demo Best of Show awards from 11 – 12. So 15 minutes to 11:00 my Dad and I walked to the line. After a delay we got into the auditorium at 11:05. We sat down 2 rows of seats away from the front. But the show only started at 11:15. In the beginning of the show, Macworld Editorial Director, Jason Snell welcomed the crowd and gave a quick overview of the show. Next Matt Marshall, editor and CEO of Venture Beat and producer of DEMO, came up talked about how DEMO helps small technologies come up into the big digital world.

Following companies gave their demo:

1. Carina Software: They demoed their application Sky Voyager that had information on the locations of terrestrial objects. And using the iPhones GPS the app could tell you which stars or planets were right above you. If you have a 3GS the app would move accordingly to the direction your facing. You could pick a star, planet, or constellation and the app would tell you which way to move to see it. And if you have the SkyFi wireless adapter connected to your telescope you can use the iPhone as a remote. Sky Voyager is $14.99.

2. TenOne Design: Inklet lets you use your MacBook’s multi-touch track pad as a graphics or drawing tablet. You can resize the window by pinch/zoom and pan with two fingers. Inklet is $25, which you can buy in the website. You can also buy the Pogo Stylus (shorter) or Pogo Sketch (longer) to use as a drawing pen, for $15. This is the product I’ve always wanted.

3. Microvision: They showed off their Picop SHOW-WX Laser Projector. It uses Red, Green, and Blue lasers for projection. The projector is made for mobile devices such as the iPods, Cameras, portable game consoles, cell phones, DVD players, and laptops. But on iPods and iPhones it only works with videos and photos. And the SHOW-WX does not have an audio system. Pricing started from $499.

4. Canson’s Papershow: It is a presentation tool. You print your presentation on special blue paper (provided in kit). Then you copy the presentation onto to the USB Bluetooth adapter and connect the adapter to computer or projector your using. You then use the provided pen to write notes on the paper. The notes you write down show up on the screen on real time. You can switch line thickness, color, and other functions. The pen has a special camera that follows miniscule dots on the special paper and sends the info on real time to the adapter and shows up on the screen.

5. Quickoffice Connect: This was a Suite App for the iPhone. Quickoffice lets you open and edit documents right on the iPhone. You can import the files from your email, Dropbox,, Google Docs, Mobile Me, and Mobile Me Public. There is a full spreadsheet, presentation, and text document suite built in to edit the documents. Quickoffice Connect is free.

6. SachManya: SachManya came out with Yapper App Maker. Yapper lets you create an App based on RSS feeds. You design it and then SachManya will build it for you. You can decide whether you want it for the iPhone, Android Store, or especially for the iPad. Each costs $99 and an extra $50 for Push notification. SachManya will do all the work and deploy it onto the App Store for you.

In my next post, I will be posting some pictures and videos.