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Apple has Tweaked their Menu Bar, Barely

Today Apple has seemed to have barely tweaked their menu bar on their Website. Before it used to have a silver background with black text, but now it has a graphite background with white text. The Menu Bar buttons/links seem to have stayed the same. There is no obvious reason for this change, but I predict it might lead to a whole site change.


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Steve Jobs on Medical Leave

Last Week, in an E-Mail to all his employees, Steve Jobs has said that he is taking a medical leave for an unidentified amount of time. In his absence Tim Cook, COO of Apple Inc., will take his place as the manager of the company to keep things running smoothly in the company.

Many people speculate that after Jobs retires that Tim Cook will be the succeeding CEO.

May Steve Jobs get healthier and rejoin his position as Apple CEO


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Finally after around 3 months of waiting the Mac App Store is released! Mac App Store comes with Mac OS X Update to version 10.6.6.

The Mac App Store is pretty much a Mac software shop to get Free or Commercial Software for your Mac. The User Interface for the App Store is what it looks like for the App Store on iTunes combined with the App Store on an iDevice. To start off as soon as you open the App it asks you to log-in to your iTunes Account; so when you buy an App it uses the Credit Card info connected to your iTunes Account. Also there is a Search Bar to search for apps.

There are 5 Categories in a Menu Bar up on the top of the App. Those categories on the top are: Featured, Top Charts, Categories, Purchases, and Updates.



The Featured Tab









Top Charts Tab







Categories Tab







Downloading an App: Downloading Apps is the easiest part in using the App Store. When you’re on the page of the App you want, under the App Icon it will either say Free or a Price, all you have to do is click that and then the App Icon flies into your dock and begins to download and install automatically. Then as soon its finished loading the App is ready to use!

Hope you found this post useful.


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Sharing Paid Apps

Have you or your friend seen someone with an App you really want, but for someone reason can’t buy it at the time. Yes I’ve been in your shoes. Let me show you how to get Paid Apps from friends and/or give Paid Apps to people for free. But just to tell you can only do this with the same app about 5 times. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go.

1. Make sure you or your friend has successfully bought the App.

2. Go to Settings > App Store ; then sign out of your iTunes Account

3. Type in your account (or ask your friend to type in theirs)

4. Go to the App Store and find the App you want to download and download it

5. Soon a Pop-Up will show up that you have already purchased this app and will ask if you want to download it for free, of course say yes

6. Wait for it to completely download and then REMEMBER TO LOG OUT OF THE YOUR OR YOUR FRIENDS ACCOUNT.

There you’re all done! Now you know how to share apps with people you want to.


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Game Center

With the iOS 4.1 Update not only are there bug fixes but also a new App by Apple called Game Center. It’s a Social-Network for Games.

With Game Center you can connect with other people and play multi-player games with them, but with only apps that are designed to work with Game Center. When you first open Game Center you will have to sign in to your iTunes Account and pick a nickname. Then your main page will open up. on the bottom there will be 4 icons to switch between pages. First is Me with information about yourself. Then is Friends with info about your friends such as games you share with them, your achievements, number of friends, etc. Third is Games with stats on the games you’ve played recently, Leader-board for games you have, and achievements. Lastly is Friend Request’s to connect to people looking for you and for you to connect to other people through their nickname or E-Mail.

The Games Tab

The Me Tab


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