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How To: Create a Lion Recovery Disk

Before if your Mac crashed and you needed to restore the Hard Drive, you would pop-in your OS X Recovery Disk. But know with Lion, it’s an online download. So there was almost know easy way to make a backup disk. Then Apple offered to make a Lion Flash Drive, but that was $69. It was a way to expensive for some users. But as a solution, a couple weeks ago Apple released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Using the software you could create your own backup flash drive in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is download the Assistant from here. Open the download and run the Assistant. Then plug-in a flash drive. It only has to be around 2GB, but be warned the Drive will be completely formatted so move any important data off from the drive. Or it WILL be deleted. After you plug it in, it will show up in the Assistant. Just select it and you’ll be good to go. After the process is done just pull the drive out of the computer, there is no need to eject the drive, because it won’t show up as an external drive.

But the real question is how do you use that drive. All you have to do is plug int the flash drive and restart your Mac while clicking the option button. Then After the usual start-up sound you will have the choice to start-up from your MacintoshHD or the Recovery Drive. Click the Recovery Drive and it will help you set up the computer from there.

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Today Apple had begun sending out invitations to a special event dated for October 4th.

The invitation has one simple line “Let’s talk iPhone.” Many people, including me, think that this statement is talking about the rumored Voice-Assistant that will be a dominant feature in iOS 5. We will finally find out what Apple did with Siri. The invitation also includes 4 icons; Calender showing the date October 4th, Clock showing the time as 10 A.M. sharp, Maps with its usual icon, and the Phone icon with a “1” badge.

We can definitely speculate  there is going to be a new iPhone release, maybe a couple new iPods,  along with iOS 5, iCloud, and iTunes Match. But for the rest we will just have to wait till next Tuesday.Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe