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As it comes close to the fall season where the next generation iPhone will be released, rumors are running high. But there has been one thing that has really irked me is that everyone is calling it the iPhone 5, but technically the iPhone 4S was the 5th generation iPhone. So the new iPhone will be the iPhone 6 not the iPhone 5. So companies such as Wired and CNET need to change there rumor posts.

With WWDC right around the corner rumors are running high with news about new iMacs, MacBook Airs, and more.

Here’s what I think we can hope to see at WWDC:

1. With Intel’s new Ivy-bridge processors out, and Apple’s whole computer line-up awaiting an update we can will definitely predict that Apple’s new machines will definitely carry the Ivy-Bridge Chips.

2. USB 3.0 is becoming more and more popular, and rumors from 9to5mac show that USB 3.0 will replace USB 2.0 in all future Macs

3. More RAM: Currently the most RAM an Apple Macbook can hold is 8 GB, but rumors are showing MacBook Pro models with up to 16 Gigs of RAM. Now that would be one monster laptop.

4. Apple’s top-of-the line Mac, the Mac Pro, has not been updated for 2 years. And sources are showing a scarcity in Mac Pro’s at Apple Stores. Professional workers would love to see a new Mac Pro, so hopefully we will see an update next week.

5. 15-inch MacBook Air. For a couple of months there have been rumors that Apple is adding another model to their MacBook Air line. So we can assume that it will be the 15-inch. But we don’t know weather their is enough technology to create a 17-in MacBook Air

6. Retina Display Macs: Display technology has become more and more advanced. And some images found in the source code of Mountain Lion show images with a large number of pixels that would only fit on a Retina Display.

6. iOS 6: Pictures below show that Apple will be showing iOS 6 off and most probably release developer versions. Some features we might see in iOS 6 are Facebook sharing integrated into Apps, Siri for the iPad, Apple’s new Maps app, and iCloud improvements.

7. Mountain Lion: Versions of Mountain Lion have already been seeded out to Developers so we can probably hope to see Apple release Mountain Lion to the public at WWDC.

8. Apple TV SDK: Sales of the Apple TV has been steadily increasing and at AllThing’s D’s D12 conference Tim Cook stated that the Apple TV had become something Apple would pay more attention to. So we might see Apple release an Apple TV SDK, so the Apple TV can become a more attractive offer to people.

All of this seems like too much to be releases at one WWDC keynote, but these are just predictions that may or may not come true.


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Recently a Tojan Horse Virus has affected a large number of Macs. A trojan horse is a certain type of virus that works essentially like the original Trojan Horse. The way that this specific virus gets into your computer is by exploiting a certain bug in the Java runtime software.

F-Secure has instructions to identify whether or not you have the Trojan virus and if you do have it, how to remove it. Or you can use Free Flashback Checker Juan Leon. If you do not have the virus immediately update your software so the patch for the Java bug can be fixed. There are rumors that Apple is currently working on a tool to detect and remove the Flashback malware. So hopefully this virus will become history soon.

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At the end of each year, IBM examines market and societal trends expected to transform our lives, as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s global labs, to develop a multi-year forecast called The Next 5 in 5.

IBM predicts that over the next five years technology innovations will change the way we work, live and play.

Do you think these predictions have come true? Let’s take a look at what IBM’s predictions were five years ago in 2006:

  1. We will be able to access healthcare remotely, from just about anywhere in the world
  2. Real-time speech translation—once a vision only in science fiction—will become the norm
  3. There will be a 3-D Internet
  4. Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance
  5. Our mobile phones will start to read our minds

Of those 3 out of the 5 have come true  (that’s incredible for any standards – 60% hit rate):

  1. Because of advancements in the internet, the cloud, and virtualization almost anyone with an internet connection has access to information, and in this case specifically health care information.
  2. Real-time speech translation has become true as well, one example would be the product from NTT Docomo, cell phone carrier in Japan, it is a service that works in person and over the phone.
  3. 3D Internet has not fully come true, but Google for example is experimenting with 3D technology with Google Maps on the computer and on some Android phones.
  4. Yes it has, because research and usage of nanotechnology has greatly increased. Even transistors have shrunk to around the size of an atom.
  5. Mobile phones do not have the capability to read our minds yet, let alone computers.

Now let’s look at what IBM is predicting for the next five years:

1. Energy: People Power will come to life

This means that we can generate electricity from anything in motion, so electricity will become cheaper and more abundant.

2. Security: You will never need a password again
Instead of having to create passwords with characters, retina scanners or voice detection will be used for identification.
3. Mind Reading: No longer Science Fiction
I’m guess that because even Cell Phones haven’t been able to read our mind yet, for 2011 they made the prediction that ANY electronic device will have the capability to read your mind.
4. Mobile: The digital divide will cease to exist
Around 80% of the worlds population will have a cellphone by 2016, also your cell phone will become more than it is today; your wallet, banker, fitness trainer, cell phone and more. Your phone can help you make decisions based on your own situations, for example when you order something to eat on your phone, it can take your health information and tell you whether or not what you are eating is healthy or bad for you
5. Analytics: Junk mail will become  priority mail
Programs will be able to filter through junk mail more efficiently and give you information that will interest you. It will sometimes make decisions or suggestions for you based on your previous actions and information it has gathered.

We just have to wait and watch, how in the next five years technology advances.

What do you think about these predictions?   Which one do you think will really happen?  Why or why not?  Please share your comments and join the conversation.


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My Halloween Costume: Siri


For Halloween this year I was a simple homemade costume: Siri!

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Steven Paul Jobs has passed away

Today a legend, revered through out the world of technology and beyond, has left us.

He is a man who will always be remembered for his charisma, intelligence, and perfectionism. The man who left an impact on many of our lives, one way or the other.

May he never leave our hearts.

My hearty condolences to his family, friends, and fans.

RIP Steven Paul Jobs.


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Apple releases iPhone 4S




How To: Create a Lion Recovery Disk

Before if your Mac crashed and you needed to restore the Hard Drive, you would pop-in your OS X Recovery Disk. But know with Lion, it’s an online download. So there was almost know easy way to make a backup disk. Then Apple offered to make a Lion Flash Drive, but that was $69. It was a way to expensive for some users. But as a solution, a couple weeks ago Apple released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Using the software you could create your own backup flash drive in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is download the Assistant from here. Open the download and run the Assistant. Then plug-in a flash drive. It only has to be around 2GB, but be warned the Drive will be completely formatted so move any important data off from the drive. Or it WILL be deleted. After you plug it in, it will show up in the Assistant. Just select it and you’ll be good to go. After the process is done just pull the drive out of the computer, there is no need to eject the drive, because it won’t show up as an external drive.

But the real question is how do you use that drive. All you have to do is plug int the flash drive and restart your Mac while clicking the option button. Then After the usual start-up sound you will have the choice to start-up from your MacintoshHD or the Recovery Drive. Click the Recovery Drive and it will help you set up the computer from there.

If you have any tips on how to improve the tutorials feel free to put them in the comments.


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