On July 16th Apple hosted a Press Conference (by Steve Jobs of course) highlighting the details of the iPhone 4 Antennae problem also known as Antennagate.

Steve Jobs started out by detailing how many iPhone 4’s have been sold. He also said that only less than 1% of the people who emailed him about the problem and only 0.55% of iPhone owners called about  the problem. And a lot more people said that they loved the iPhone 4.

He next started showing videos of various other smartphones and if you grip them near the antenna that their signals drop to either 1 or 2 bars.

  • Blackberry Bold 9700 went from 5 to 1 very quickly.
  • HTC Droid Eris from 4 to 2

and a few other phones.

He next spoke about how iOS 4.0.1 changed the algorithm in the iPhone so it would show the proper amount of bars.

Steve that told us about the Antenna Labs used to rest the phones and how Apple has 18 PHd Scientists and Engineers working in those labs.

Last, Steve Jobs talked about how a cases solves the antenna problem. So then Steve said that we will give every single iPhone 4 owner a free case. But since Apple can’t make a lot of Bumbers they said they will give you a choice and if you already bought a Bumper you’ll get a refund. He said we will continue this program until September 30th, and then they will decide to stop the program or continue.

That was pretty much all that happened at the Press Conference

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