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Thursday Apple updated their MacBook Pro line of Notebooks. Many Tech Blog’s have been predicting this update for quite a while, as it has been almost a year since it’s last update. There have been four major upgrade for the MacBook Pro; new Graphics Card, Intel’s new Sandy Bridge Processors, a FaceTime HD Camera,  and a new High-Speed Transfer I/O Port called Thunderbolt.

Graphics Card: 13in. Model has an Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. While the 15in. and 17in. model have an Intel graphics and a AMD Radeon HD graphics card with either 256MB or 1GB. For the larger two models the computer can sense if more powerful graphics is needed than it turns on the AMD Radeon HD Card’s on, other wise it will be using the just the Intel Graphics.

Processors: 13in. MacBook Pro has two models; one with 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 and the other has a 2.7GHz Dual Core Intel Core i7 Processor. The 15in. MacBook Pro also has two models; one has a 2 GHZ quad-core Intel Core i7 while the other has a 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. Lastly the 17in. has only one model the 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. All of these processors are really powerful Sandy Bridge Processors with either dual-core or quad-core CPU’s. A change in the architecture of these chips are that most of the major parts are all on the same chip. So data doesn’t need to travel very far between chips. Everything is very close together. Another major feature is called Turbo Boost. Turbo Boost let’s you shut down or 1 or 2 cores and raise the speed of active cores to up to 3.4GHz. Now that is extremely fast! One last major feature is Hyper-Threading. Hyper-Threading is kind of confusing. So what it does is that it can run two actions at the same time as if you are using the power of two cores with only one core. So at the end Mac OS X can sense the chip as up two 8-Cores. Making the machine very powerful.

Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt is a new type of data/transfer connection. It can send Data to and from peripherals and Macintosh HD.  The technology was first developed by Intel under the code name Light Peak. The main thing is to be able to connect PCI Express based peripherals. But PCI ix an internal connection in the laptop so, you can know use Thunderbolt. The new technology not only can use peripherals for Data Transfer but also for Display Connection. The Thunderbolt connection is exactly the same connection, which on older laptops was know as Mini DisplayPort, that’s why it also allows for Display Connection. Speeds for Thunderbolt are said to be at up to 10GB per second. That’s blazing fast even compared to USB 3.0 which has 5 Gbps. Put it in to perspective of  copying 2 Full HD movies in around a minute.

HD FaceTime Camera: Now the MacBook Pro come with an HD FaceTime Camera that can record 720p wide screen video. Before the latest MacBook Air, camera’s on the display’s were called iSight Camera’s, but now everything is following the iOS path and calling it FaceTime, which is Apple’s answer to Video Calling. FaceTime is also now out of Beta and the full version is on the newer computers. For older Mac’s you can buy the full version on the Mac App Store for 99 cents.

To get information on pricing click this link and to read more about the features of the MacBook Pro click this link.


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iPhone 4

Its been 6 days since the iPhone has come out and Apple has already sold, 1.8 million iPhone 4’s.

In this post I will be discussing the new features (hardware and software) of the iPhone 4, and one issue iPhone 4 owners have.


1. All-New Design: The new iPhone is 24% thinner than the 3GS, at 9.3 millimeters thin.. Also instead of the polycarbonate back, it now has a glass on the front and back. The iPhone 4 also now has a stainless steel band all around the phone, the steel band is used as the phones’ Antennae. The volume controls

2.  A4 Chip: The iPhone 4 now has Apple’s custom built chip that is also built into the iPad. Except the the chip used in the iPhone might be clocked down a bit.

3. The Retina-Display: The iPhone 4 has an all new 960-by-640 display called the Retina Display. The new iPhone has around 333 Pixels per in., which is 4 times more pixels than the 3GS. It is called the Retina Display because all the Pixels are so dense together that the naked eye can not individualize the pixels. The display also uses IPS technology for great viewing from ant angle. The iPhone display is still 3.5in.

4. Camera System: Apple has now added a Front-Facing Camera for video chat. It can take pictures and video. And the Camera on the back has been upgraded to a 5MP Camera, which can now record 720p HD video at 30 fps. Apple has now added a flash to use while taking a picture, or while recording video.

5. Mic #2: The phone still has it’s normal speaker and mic. but Apple has added a second mic. on the top of the phone. The 2nd mic. is the main mic when recording video or placing a Face-Time chat. The 2nd mic is also used for noise-cancellation while on a call, that’s when the 1st mic is primarily used.

6. Gyroscope: The iPhone 4 now comes with a 3-axis gyroscope with angular velocity. So the iPhone now has pitch, roll and yaw. And rotation around gravity. So now developers can add features to their app to use the gyroscope and enlighten your iPhone experience.


1. iOS 4: The iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4 with all the features.

2. iMovie: Apple has built their own App called iMovie for the iPhone, where you can edit videos, create new projects, and upload it onto the web, all right on your phone.:

2. FaceTime: When making a phone call there is new button on the interface labeled FaceTime. When calling another iPhone 4 owner you can click that button and immediately video chat with them. You can switch between the Front-Facing Camera and the one on the back.

Overall My Opinion:

I think Apple has done a great job with the iPhone 4. The thing that caught my eye when I first saw the iPhone 4, was the Retina Display. It was just stunning, and like Apple said you can’t individualize the pixels by the naked eye.


iPhone 3GS   8GB    $99               Black only

iPhone 4        16GB   $199             Black and White

iPhone 4        32GB   $299             Black and White


iPhone 4 Dock                     $29

iPhone 4 Bumpers (cases)         White, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, and Sky Blue     $29

And these are the new feature of the iPhone 4.

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