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Apple released Press Info on Tuesday telling the Public that Steve Jobs along with other Apple executives will be unveiling Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud at the opening WWDC Keynote on June 6 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. With this news there is one surprise, three clarifications, and one disappointment. The surprise is that Steve blogs Jobs will be the Keynote presenter even though he is on sick leave! A clarification is that Lion will be announced more publicly and most likely be given a date and price for it’s release at WWDC. Also that the next generation of iPhone Software will be called iOS 5 and be announced to the Public along with it’s release date. Another thing Apple might do for iOS Developers is give them a Gold Master version of iOS 5 immediately, before the real version is out. Last clarification is that after hearing so many rumors that Apple will release cloud service and what it might be called, Apple finally confirmed that it will be called iCloud. But we still don’t know the features of iCloud so we will have to wait till Monday’s keynote. Unfortunately Apple said nothing about a new iPhone. Other Apple-related blogs say that the next iPhone won’t be released until the September music event. This is ending the tradition of announcing the iPhone at WWDC which Apple has been doing for the last three years. Hopefully Jobs’ “one more thing” might be the iPhone 4. But this is the only information that we have now. All we can do now is speculate or wait till Monday to get all the information.


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The day I met Steve Woz, Apple co-founder, was one amazing day. One day my Dad told me about Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America, working in Obama’s Cabinet. I saw a video of one of his speeches and I was interested in meeting him. My Dad took me to a meeting where Mr.Chopra was giving a speech.

The meeting started  off by  introducing the panel of speaker starting with Aneesh Chopra. When they reached the last person, he said, “Guest-Speaker Steve Woz, Co-Founder of Apple Inc.” I almost leaped out of my seat. I was a Total Apple Fan and I am sitting 10 feet away from one of Apple’s founder!

After the meeting, I immediately went to meet Mr. Woz, it was a bit tough tunneling through mobs of adults but I finally got there. I introduced myself to Woz and shook his hand.  I told him that I had read his autobiography, iWoz. He became very excited and gave a hug.  He then said, ” Thanks for reading my autobiography buddy. Here’s my email, send me your address and I’ll send you a metal gift card.” I was so amazed and took a picture with him. Later  I took a picture with Mr.Chopra.  I couldn’t believe I met Mr.Woz.  Later, just before Mr.Woz left the hall, I ran to him and took his autograph on the event flyer.

Later I did have few email exchanges  with him and he has always,  always promptly responded, very impressive, he has time for young people like me. Also,  I received his autographed business card made out of metal.

Here is the picture of me with Woz

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iOS 4

Apple’s new iPhone OS gets a new name, iOS 4. Why, because it supports more than just the iPhone. The iPad and iPod touch use iOS to.
iOS 4 comes with many new features, one long-awaited feature is multi-tasking. I am going to explain 13 of the most important updates to iOS 4.


1. Multi-tasking has finally come to your iPhone. Apple say’s they have built an all-together new way of multi-tasking that won’t drain your battery life. To multi-task you have to double-click the Home button and a small bar will pop-up from the bottom displaying all your running Apps. What’s even cooler is that if you have an App that play’s music or the radio it will keep playing working without stopping, and in the multitask bar a music controls show up letting you pause, play, forward, and rewind!

2.Folder’s is a feature that lets you organize your apps into small folders, up to 9 apps per folder. All you have to is to keep touching an App until it starts to jiggle, then drag it onto the App you want to make a folder with, then keep dragging all the wanted Apps into that folder. The folder automatically names it  depending on the types of Apps in it, and you can also change the name to your likings.

3. Mail is redesigned in a whole new way. You can view all your mail in a unified inbox, organize messages by thread, and open attachments in third-party apps. Apple has also tweaked the User Interface a little bit.

4.iBooks has now come to an iPhone or iPod touch near you! So you can now read iBooks on your iPhone or iTouch. Apple has updated it to read PDF’s too. And of course there is the iBooks store to buy and download new books right on your phone. And you can sync the book between iOS devices for free and pick up exactly where you left off.

5.You can now create playlists directly on your iOS device without having to sync with your computer, directly through your iPod App.

6.5x zoom. Your can now zoom into your subjects with your iPhone, by up to 5x zoom!

7.When OS 3.0 came out Apple released a feature called Tap-to Focus when taking a picture. Now Apple has updated the feature so you can also Tap-to-Focus while taking video.

8.Faces and Places are now built into the photo’s app. You can Geo-Tag your photo’s depending on where you took them. You can also organize photos by the people in them.

9.Now you can add a wallpaper to your home screen, instead of the normal black background.

10.Now you have the ability gift Apps to family, friends, or whoever you want to gift an App to.

11.Spell checking is now built into many more Apps.

12. Now, with a Bluetooth keyboard, you can connect it to your iPhone and write messages with the Bluetooth keyboard.

13. The last feature might not be a thing you really want, but it will be really helpful to App developers, and this is iAds. Apple is now letting App developers add in this feature for free and the developer makes 60% of the Ad revenues. Apple, or Steve Jobs says that this to help developers keep their App at a low price.

Compatibility and Pricing:

iOS 4 will work, with all features on the iPhone 4, 3GS, iTouch 3rd Gen, and iPad. Sadly iPad owners have to wait till this fall to get this update for the iPad. The iPhone 3G and iTouch 2nd Gen will have most of the features except for example multi-tasking. The original iPhone and iTouch will not be able to support iOS 4.

This time Apple is giving iOS 4 free to all users, even iPod Touch and the iPad on this June 25th.

Hope you all learned a bit from this post. Please comment and keep on the lookout for new posts