The Experience

On Thursday, February 11, 2010, my Dad gave me the surprise of  Macworld 2010! It was a really amazing experience. I learned a lot of new things. I found about a lot new companies, technologies, and much more.

At first I didn’t know I was going to Macworld it was a total surprise, I didn’t know I was going to Macworld until we reached San Francisco.

So the Thursday I woke up early and my dad told me that we were going to travel by train. We got off the train at around 9:20 and started to walk. While we were walking I saw numerous banners advertising the Macworld 2010 and I also showed them to my Dad. But not once did it strike me that I would be going to the event.  10 minutes later my Dad made me go forward, and then he went back a little asked a man walking by quietly where the Expo was. I didn’t hear what my Dad said, but clearly heard the answer.

My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe I was going to Macworld! My dad came back to me and by looking at my face he knew I had found out the surprise. I asked him, “Are we actually going to Macworld!” like a hundred times. Soon right before my eyes was Moscone Center where the Expo was being held. A huge banner said Macworld 2010 right in the front. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get in.

In Macworld I learned a lot of new things. I found out about new companies like Omni Group,, new software companies, and much more. Look for greater detail on these companies on my future blogs.