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Evernote is known for it’s amazing note-taking application on the Mac and iOS Devices. Now they have come up with this new Application for the iPad 2 called Evernote Peek. The Smart Cover was Apple’s cover accessory for the iPad 2. One interesting feature of the Smart Cover working with the iPad was that when you opened the cover, the screen would automatically on and would off when you closed it. So with Evernote Peek you load questions into the App, then you close the Smart Cover. To start you open the first flap of the Smart Cover to reveal the question. You answer it then you open the second flap to see if your answer was correct. Then you close it so it can pick another questions. That’s how it works. It’s so amazingly simple yet it’s the first Application that uses the Smart Cover.






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On June 7th during a City Council Meeting Mr. Jobs unveiled the company’s plans to construct a new building. Over the last five years Apple has acquired land that was previously owned by Hewlett-Packard. Apple plans to clear the whole are and make 1 Circular Building that can house up to 12,000 Employees. That’s a lot of people in one building. It’s going to be 4 stories high and completely curved. Mr. Jobs says that every single piece of glass used for this building is curved. He mentioned that they are using their experience from building Retail Stores to build this new campus. Apple is going to turn the area from 20% landscape to 80% landscape. The are currently has 3,700 trees and they are going to make that 6,000. They are going to have an underground parking under the main building and a parking structure as well. Apple will have their own Auditorium so they don’t have to go to San Francisco every time they are going to have a presentation. Also Apple will have an Energy Center to create their own energy. Usually companies will get their energy from the grid and have an energy center for backup but Apple is doing the opposite the grid is their backup. Next to the Auditorium will be a Fitness Center and an R&D Facility.

Click this link to view the video.

I thinks Apple’s design idea is great. But you know what would’ve been better? If they made it in the shape of an Apple Symbol And make it big enough to view from Space. Also it’s inspiring to see Mr. Jobs passions for Apple. Even though he is on Sick Leave and he could’ve easily asked anybody else to give the presentation, he him self went to give the Presentation.


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On Tuesday, the second day of WWDC Apple announced the Design Awards. Last year Apple’s focus seemed to be a lot on iOS so much that they didn’t even give out Awards for Mac Applications. But this year they are back-on track and are giving three awards in 4 Categories. the winners get a MacBook Air, an iPad 2, and an iPod Touch. And the winners are…





Great Job to all the winners. They are also lucky to get free advertising from the Media that give free coverage on these apps.


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At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs showed to the world what iCloud was. He began with saying how 10yrs. ago people realized that the computer would become a “personal hub”, it would be where you would keep all your media. So before to get photos, music, videos, etc on your devices they had to be synced wit your Mac. But nowadays every the devices hold all types of media, and it was hard to make sure that all your devices had the media you wanted when you wanted it. So now the Mac is also going to become a device and the “personal hub” will be moved to the cloud. And Apple’s cloud will be iCloud and it will store information and push information to all your devices to maintain in sync. And it will happen seamlessly without you having to do anything. So for example you download a song on your iPad it will automatically download on your Mac, PC or any other iOS device for free. Then Steve jokes,”Why should I believe them? They’re the ones that brought me MobileMe.” Because MobileMe wasn’t much of a success. But MobileMe had three major apps Contacts, Calender, and Mail. And now Apple has rewritten those Apps from the ground up for iCloud.

Contacts: Now when a contact is made on an iPhone, the contact is pushed to the Cloud and then to the other devices. So every device attached to your Apple ID will have their contacts synced automatically.

Calenders: Same for Calenders, you make a new event or update an event on one device it is pushed to all your other devices automatically. You can even share calenders between devices.

Mail: And again you messages, inbox, folders, settings, are all synced between all your accounts at your me.com email account.

App Store: On all your devices you can view a purchase history, even if the app is not installed on your current device. But since all those Apps are synced to the cloud, you tab a button that will let you download that App onto your device from the cloud for free.

iBooks: Like the App Store you can view your purchase history, and it is all saved on the cloud so your books will automatically download to all your devices for free.

Wireless Backup: Once a day iCloud will automatically back up your device. it backs up everything including settings, music, photos, apps, books, and other information. So if you have to restore your device or you get a new one, the backup will automatically sync the device.

Documents in the Cloud:  When you use iWork on one of your devices and create a document, the document is sent to iCloud and then pushed to all your other devices. So this works with Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. And also developers get API’s to put this system into their apps for iCloud integration. And this works with Macs and PCs.



Photo Stream: So you can take a Photo on your iPhone and then be able to watch on your iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV.. Also if you import photos on to one device it will be sent directly to all your other devices. To sync with a Mac it will send the photos to iPhoto and for PC with the Pictures Folder. And to save storage space Photo Stream it will only store the 1,000 most recent photos and for only 30 Days in the iCloud Server. To keep a photo permanently all you have to do is save it to an Album.


iTunes in the Cloud: So same as before buy a song, podcast, movie, tv show on one device and the purchase history is saved in the iCloud. So go to any other device and tap to download the same media for free onto that device straight from iCloud. Or as an option you can have it automatically download all purchased content on all of your devices.


So those are all the Apps that are a part of iCloud. iCloud is the next generation of iCloud. and MobileMe was $99 annually. But iCloud will be Free! All these amazing services Free from Apple. Their is a Developer Preview available today. And for the rest of us it will ship along with iOS in the Fall. And that’s iCloud from Apple. I think it’s really great that Apple has been able to make all these amazing features and let customers have it for free. So good on Apple.-MacMusings

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Scott Forstall SVP of iPhone Software started out by giving out a few numbers.

  • 200 Million iOS Devices sold
  • 25 Millions iPads in 14 Months
  • 15 Billions Songs sold in iTunes
  • 130 Million books downloaded from the iBooks Store
  • 425,000 Apps on the App Store
  • 90,000 Specific iPad Apps
  • 14 Billion Downloads from the App Store
  • 2.5 Billion Dollars paid to App Developers
  • 225 Million Accounts
  • More than 100 Billion Push Notifications Sent
  • 64% of Mobile Web Browsing is done on iOS

Then he moves on to the future of iOS; iOS 5. Scott says there are more than 1500 API’s for Developers and more than 200 User Features. Like for Lion Scott will only go through 10 major features of iOS 5.

Notifications: Notification Center; Swipe down from the top to view the Notifications Center and all your notifications. Also at the top of Notification Center is is Stocks and Weather. I guess that’s Apple’s answer to mobile widgets. anyway so while you’re in an App a small animation will pop-up at the top of the phone to inform you of a notification, but you can ignore it and continue using your app, it will slowly fade away. Also on the lock screen there is an improved list to view all your new notifications. All you have to do is slide your finger on the notification and it takes you directly to the app the notification came from.

Newsstand: There is a place in the App Store dedicated to Magazines and Newspapers. So when you download something from that section it will download in an App on the homepage called the Newsstand. The UI for Newsstand looks almost exactly like the iBooks App. Also for Newsstand it has background downloads, that automatically download the latest issue of the mag or newspaper.

Twitter: you can sign into Twitter directly in the Settings App, once, and you” always be signed in. You won’t have type in your log in information every time you want to go to Twitter. Now you instantly tweet directly form the Camera, Photos, Safari, YouTube, Maps and more. You can also optionally add your location if you want people to know where you are. I don’t know why you would tell people that, but that’s up t the person’s choice. you can use Twitter to get a person’s picture and twitter username to add to your account.

Safari: In Safari itself there are many new features. First is reader, which takes the article you’re reading, takes everything on the web page off it, and makes it look like just one article that is fit for the iOS device. It even automatically will change the font to fit the display. Also when in reader you can email the whole article instead of just the link, unlike before. Next feature is Reading List which let’s you save an article for reading later, and it automatically syncs with all your other devices with Safari. Then comes Tabbed Browsing just like it is on Desktop Safari.

Reminders: Stores lists of things, can attach dates and locations to you reminders. One crazy awesome features is adding locations to reminders. So for example you have to message your friend once you get a restaurant. As Mr. Forstall said, it will set up a “Geo-Fence” around that area, so when you get inside that “geo-fence” it will give you a reminder to message your friend. I think that’s really cool, and by WWDC’s crowd’s reaction I think they liked it too. Also reminders will sync with iCal and Microsoft Outlook.

Camera: Now on the lock screen you can instantly access the photos app to take pictures. But since this feature is usable without typing your pass-code, you will not be able access previous photos. And instead of tapping the screen to take a picture you can push the volume up-button. Optionally you can add lines for better use of the rule-of-thirds. and you can pinch-to-zoom here also. And by keeping your finger over an are you can place an Auto Exposure/Auto Focus Lock. And now you can edit your photos directly on the iPhone! You can crop, rotate, and remove red-eye.And the amazing one-tap to enhance feature from iPhoto is now on the iPhone.

Mail: Now you can have Rich-Text Formatting, ability to change indents, drag addresses between the address fields, flag messages, and you can search the contents of your message. Also the Keyboard for the iPad can be split and moved for better thumb typing, and this is an all iOS feature.

PC Free: Now when you open up your new iOS device you don’t have to connect to iTunes, instead you’ll be prompted with a “Welcome” display and a quick set-up. Also Software Updates are over the air. Whooooo!!! Also there will be delta updates so it will only download the changes and not the whole OS.

Game-Center: You can add Profile Photos, you can directly compare achievement points, can view friends of friends, and can get friend and game recommendations. All in just Game Center. Also you can download games straight from Game Center. And there is support for turn-based games like Words with Friends.

iMessage: Now there will be a messaging service for all iOS devices. So now you can message on the iPad and iPod touch. Some cool features in iMessage include the ability to see if the recipient has received or read the message. You will also be indicated if the other person is typing. And your messages will be synced between all your iOS devices. Also it is usable over Wi-Fi and 3G.

Now you can sync wireless with iTunes over Wi-Fi. And there will be a developer seed today. For the rest of us who are not part of the Developer Program will get iOS 5 this fall. iOS 5 will be compatible with all iPads, the iPhone 3GS and 4, and the 3rd and 4th iPod Touch.

This a major new update for iOS and will surely attract more users as soon as it comes out.


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On the last day of June Apple released a new version of iWork that now also works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The price for each of the Applications is the original 9.99, and for owners of the iPad version of the Application can get the iPhone version for free.

I think it was good on Apple to make iWork compatible among all their featured products so they can view and edit those documents from an iPad to an iPhone and a Mac. But I don’t know anyone who is willing to make a document, spreadsheet, or a presentation on a small 3.5″ screen. So unless you have an iPad to use the apps with, then I don’t think it’s a good investment to use only on the iPhone.


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Today at the Apple Special Event Apple showed off many new products Software as well as Hardware. Steve Job’s made a surprise appearance and said,”We’ve been working on this product for a while, and I just didn’t want to miss today.” So let’s get straight to it shall we.

iPad 2: Apple released their iPad 2. It now come with Apple’s custom built dual-core A5 Processor, that is supposed to boost performance 2x and graphics all the way to 9x. This iPad will is going to be faster than ever (and people thought the original iPad was fast). But it still has the amazing 10hr. battery life. Also a built in Gyroscope for better orientation as Bob Mansfield the Head of Hardware said. This is going to be better for games that really use those sensors. Extremely new design. 33% thinner (13.4 to now 8.8) and almost 15% lighter (1.5lB to now 1.3lB). The new design completely makes the “side” disappear, it literally looks like a big iPod Touch. The iPad 2 will come out in White and Black, like the iPhone should have shipped but it seems that Apple has figured it out now. The iPad will come in a Verizon and ATT version, but separately not together. Not only has Apple preserved the battery life, but it has also preserved the price, exactly the same prices and same capacity as the last generation. Mr. Jobs noted that 5 out of 6 models were cheaper than the $799 price point of competition. Steve was obviously pointing toward the Motorola Xoom. 2 Amazing Accessories: Digital A/V Adapter and Smart Cover. The Digital A/V Adapter will let you have a real-time mirrored projection of what you’re doing on an iPad through a HDMI output, it also allows you to charge the iPad simultaneously and costs $39. Next the Smart Cover, which is a cover that attaches to you iPad with magnets and can fold to angle the iPad for viewing a movie or typing. $39 for polyurethane in 5 colors or $69 for leather also in 5 different colors. One software feature with this accessory is that when you open the cover the iPad will automatically wake and when closed, will go to sleep. That’s it for the iPad 2 Hardware-wise. the iPad will be available March 11th and Apple is not accepting Pre-Orders so you will have to wait in line at 5:00 to get one at a retail store.

iPad 2

Smart Covers

iOS 4.3: Scott Forstall, head of iOS, came up onstage to Demo iOS 4.3. Feature included Nitro JavaScript Engine which loaded JavaScripts twice as fast. iPad Switch preferences, either mute or oriental-lock. Personal Hot-Spot feature for iPhone 4. FaceTime for iPad. Also funnily Photo Booth from Mac was ported over to the iPad to make your ridiculous face even funnier. There are 9 choices, and using your finger you can change aspects of the effects like using a mouse on Photo Booth for Mac. iOS 4.3 will be available to iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4Gen and 4Gen in March 11th.

iMovie for iPad: Randy Ubillos Chief Architect of Video demoed iMovie for iPad and showed how easy it was to make wonderful movies in a matter of minutes. iMovie for iPad had a cool theater interface, and more Themes and Transitions. iMovie for iPad will be available March 11th for $5.

Garage Band for iPad: Xander Soren of Music Marketing demoed the first version of Garage Band for iPad. There are hundred of touch instruments implemented into Garage Band that you can play directly on the iPad’s screen. Also with adapter’s you can add real instruments or with the mic record music while playing. You can have up to 8 tracks at a time, that you can edit add or delete stuff all directly on your iPad. Garage Band for iPad will come out March 11th for, again, $5.

That was pretty much all of the news today at Apple’s Event. Though I am wondering what happened to Mobile-Me. Retail Stores are no longer being supplied with the Boxed Versions of Mobile-Me and the Website is only offering the 60 Day Trial and no longer selling it. Who knows what apple has rolled up their sleeves. Come back soon after March 11th to see a review of the iPad 2.


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I’ve been wondering on what Apple will show at tomorrows Special Event So here is the list of what I think.

iPad 2 (Duh):   I think it’s pretty obvious that there is going to be a revision of the iPad based on the invitation, but will the new features be?                                                                                                                                                  Hardware:

  • Camera’s for Face Time
  • Better Screen, but not likely to be as good as the Retina Display
  • Better Stereo System maybe with an extra speaker
  • More Memory, mainly for tablet competition and high-performance apps
  • SD Card Slot for Data (Photo) transfer
  • More Storage The 16 GB will definitely stay but the 32 GB might disappear
  • Thinner and Lighter Design, usual of Apple
  • Cheaper Pricing, Slight but a difference
  • Gyroscope so the iPad can add to it’s other sense utilize apps that need a Gyro
  • Verizon cellular chip side by the ATT cellular chip


  • iOS 4.3 GM for developers and a public release within a week
  • Widgets for the Home Screen and Lock Screen
  • Notification System that is revised and WAY better
  • Better way to give presentations
  • Photo Booth for iPad (Only if it has a camera that is)

Steve Jobs is currently on a Medical Leave, but there are rumors that he will still be the presenter tomorrow. Otherwise Steve Jobs will talk about how iOS is doing in the market,stat’s, diss competition and other stuff like that. Also rumored that Apple $99 service Mobile-Me will now become free to all users. Those would probably be the main things tomorrow, unless Steve Jobs has his normal ” One More Thing… “. Hopefully.

Well come back tomorrow to see how Apple has surprised the world, again.


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Today Apple began to send E-Mails to Technology Pundits, Gurus, and of course the press for a Special Event scheduled for March 2nd. The invites have a calender picture for March 2nd peeling back to a picture of an iPad. Below there is a line that reads, “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.” I still have no idea what they are going to release can anybody give me a clue? Unfortunately, Apple has forgotten to send me an invite, maybe next time. People are going to be speculating more than ever on what the new iPad is going to have… or not going to have.

Picture Courtesy of EngadgetThe event is going to be held at the same place where the original iPad was announced, The Yerba Buena Center for Arts.

Kara Swisher predicted yesterday that there would be a March 2nd Event for the iPad 2. I wonder where she found that out even before Apple sent out there invites.


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The iPad

So the iPad has been out for two months already. And Apple has already sold 2 Million of them!

For those who don’t know what the iPad is or haven’t been able to get there hands on one, here is a summary about the iPad.

Well the iPad is what you may call Apple’s version of a Tablet, or a large iPod Touch. The iPad has a 9.7inch Back-lit LED display and runs on iPhone OS 3.2. Since it runs iPhone OS it has all the features of an iPod Touch and can run all apps available on the App Store. It runs the 1GHz A4 chip, custom built by Apple. The iPad also has a battery life of a little bit over ten hours and a month on standby(sleep). The iPad is a 1/2 inch thick has an aluminum back and a glass touchscreen on the front, and weighs 1.5lbs.


Since the iPad display is 9.7′ your iPhone App will tun at the iPhone size. At the bottom right corner there is 2x button. This button will double the size of the app to fill the whole screen, but the clarity lowers a bit. Apple is providing an SDK for developers who want  their app built specifically for the iPad with newer and better features.

The Apps provided by Apple might look a bit different than the it looks in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Since the iPad has a big screen , Apple has tweaked their Apps to use the potential of the full screen. Some iPad specific Apps might be that way to.


There are 6 models currently, with 2 different and important factors, storage and network connectivity. There are 3 Wi-Fi  models and 3 Wi-Fi + 3G ones, all with a 16, 32, and a 64 GB Models.

16GB Wi-Fi            – $499.00

32GB Wi-Fi            -$599.00

64GB Wi-Fi            -$699.00

16GB Wi-Fi + 3G  -$629.00

32GB Wi-Fi + 3G  -$729.00

64GB Wi-Fi + 3G  -$829.00

And these all are all the current prices for the iPad.

3G Pricing:

At&t will be providing Data-Plans for the iPad with 3G, with No Contract. For 250MB a month it will be$15.00. and $25.00 for 2GB.


Apple has come up with it’s own E-Book reader for the iPad, called iBooks. The iBooks App also has it’s own store where you can download your books from. You can also read PDF’s through this App.


Apple has a list of accessories for the iPad.

1. A case than can fold into a stand for viewing at different angles. $29.00

2. A simple iPad dock. $29.00

3. An iPad keyboard dock, a dock with an attached keyboard. $69.oo

4.iPad Camera Connection Kit. Two dongles that attach to the 30-Pin Dock Connector. One with a USB and the other with an SD card outlet. These dongles are only for transferring photos directly from your camera to iPad. $29.00

5. Extra USB power adapter. $29.00

6.iPad to VGA adapter converter, to connect to other output devices. $29.00

And that is the iPad for you.