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Recently Apple reported to the world that the White iPhone 4 won’t be available till Spring next year. They keep reporting that the phone is “more challenging to manufacture than expected.”  That’s the same thing Apple keeps repeating again since the release of the iPhone 4. I

and many other people think that people would not even care for the White iPhone 4 anymore for two reasons.

1. People can’t wait that long to get an iPhone so they will grudgingly buy a Black iPhone.

2. By the time the Whit iPhone shows up, in a few months the 5th Generation of the iPhone will come out and people might wait to get the new one.

So when the white iPhone 4 finally comes out there won’t be a huge mob of people (other than obsessive White iPhone wanters) waiting in line to get one. And hopefully in the next iteration of the iPhone Apple will be able to make it in White faster.

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Face Time

Also at the “Back to Mac” event, Apple showed that you can know FaceTime between your iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Gen, and now your Mac. Surprisingly FaceTime is a completely new Application

To FaceTime with your Mac you must have the latest version of Snow Leopard, 10.6.4. If you want to make sure you have the latest software click the Apple Symbol in the top left, then click Software Update, and then make sure everything is updated.

Then to download FaceTime go to this link on Safari.Download FaceTime and install it. Then open FaceTime and log onto your iTunes Account. Next to make a Face Time call then click on the email the email on the side of the person you want to call, then FaceTime will initiate a call.

That’s all it takes to use FaceTime for Mac


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Last Wednesday Apple gave a sneak peek of the newest Mac OS, Lion at an Event named “Back to the Mac”

And when Jobs says “Back to the Mac” he literally means it. He talked about how Mac OS X the most advanced OS in the world helped develop iOS. After iOS that paved the way for the iOS for iPad and now some ideas commonly used on the iPad are being taken “Back to the Mac”. During this preview Apple showed three new major features and some minor things.

Minor Updates: Almost all the Apps can be run in Full Screen, and a more multi-touch gestures.

Mac App Store: Like the famous App Store on all the iOS devices, an App Store is coming to a Mac near you. Apple said that they will release it 90 days from the date 10/20/10. The same rules for the iOS App Store apply to the Mac App Store too. Ex: Profit Shares are 30/70 toward the developer. Apple said that you can use the same iTunes Account and that it is extremely easy to download an App. As soon as you read about the App and decide to download it the icon pops out of the Mac App Store and Onto your dock.

My Opinion on the Mac App Store: I think that the Mac App Store is an amazing idea, especially for developers. Now there is a way for Mac users to have one place to find Apps they want or need. It will be easier for developers to have their App been known other than someone having to find it on their own. Luckily the Mac app Store won’t be the only place to get Apps which is a relief, because that would mean Apple would be taking control over Mac as well as your iPhone, and apps you want that aren’t on the App Store aren’t available to you unless you jailbreak it. But what Apple is doing right now is a gate way for developers and consumers.

Mission Control: Mission Control is an extension upon the already amazing feature of Expose. Now it groups all the windows of the same app in a pile, it displays all the Full-Screen apps on the top of the screen, and a display of Dashboard, your desktop and all your spaces. You also have a full, clear view of the dock.

Launchpad: Launchpad is one of the main ideas that has come from the iPad. This is a new way to access all your Applications. It’s User Interface is like the iPad with pages of Apps, where you can switch through pages with the and can create iOS like folders. You can group Apps into pages and move them where you want.

These were the new features that Apple showed off last wedneday.

To find out more about Lion click this link.


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The new iPod Touch 

On September 1st, Apple  released the new iPod Touch

iPod Touch:

The new iPod Touch has many new features, Now it’s almost exactly like the iPhone counterpart. Here’s a list of the new features and some details.

Camera: The new iPod Touch comes with two cameras. A back-facing and front-facing camera for FaceTime. The front-facing camera is the same as the iPhones but the Back one isn’t. It has a different color tinge and a lower quality. Both camera’s capture video and pictures.

Retina Display: It also comes withe same 334 ppi Retina Display as the iPhone, its exactly like the iPhone’s display.

Microphone: The new touch includes a microphone unlike previous models

iOs 4.1: The new iPod Touch comes with iOS 4.1 which includes bug fixes for iOS Devices and Game Center

To find more info about this product click this link.










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