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Last Monday, the 11th, was my Birthday. And I went to the Apple Company Store. It’s the only place in the world where you can legally buy products with the Apple Logo on them. They also sell accessories Apple products, iPods, Apple TV’s, and the Mac Mini. But they don’t have a Genius Bar, Support, or a way to buy other Mac’s. So it’s very different from your average Apple Store.

Half the store is Apple Logo Stuff. There are a lot of shirts some with just the Apple Logo and some also with words. For example there was two shirts with words both which I liked. One said,”I visited the Apple Campus. But that’s all I’m allowed to say.” and another said, “I came. I saw. I bought a T-Shirt.” At the end I bought the second one because it was on a bright blue T-Shirt. There were collared shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, hats, and even stuff for babies. There were water bottles, lunch-bags, mugs, pens, key-chains, pens, pencils, and notebooks. I have to say the Prices were inflated. One shirt was $17, pens ranged form $3 to $30. Water-Bottle was $10 and a sweatshirt was $50. Well I guess that’s what you have to pay to wear Apple Swag. Along with the Shirt I bought a twisty pen, that writes amazingly smooth. Only thing is the ink is in a metal cylinder, I wonder where I could get refills?

Front of the T-Shirt

Back of the T-Shirt

Twist Pen

Overall it was an Amazing Birthday Experience and can’t wait to visit again. If you guys ever get the chance to visit the Bay Area the Apple Company Store must be on your places to see list.


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Today It was announced that Ron Johnson will be leaving Apple to join as the President and Future CEO of J.C. Penney. MR. Johnson is the man behind Apple’s amazing Apple Retail Stores. Every day around 200,000 people visit Apples Stores each day around the world. In the last 10 years Apple Apple has opened 323 Stores Internationally. After Apple had opened its Stores, its revenue and market share has steadily risen. Anybody can just walk inside the Apple Stores and use any product they want with no limitations, that the way the stores are set up make them extremely inviting. And it’s Customer Service is number one of any Tech Company. There was a Survey that said that People that didn’t even buy anything were still completely satisfied with Apple. So overall Ron has done a really great job in creating the Apple Retail Store. His hob at Apple is done. But somebody needs to replace his job so an Apple Spokesperson told AllThingsD that they are actively searching. Ron’s dream was always to be the CEO of a Company which I don’t think he will be at Apple. So I say good luck to him and his Work at J.C. Penney.


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