Archive for April, 2010 is a company that lets you upload Documents, Photos, and other Media on the Web. As soon as it’s uploaded on the web, you can log onto Box from any computer(with internet) and access those files. One feature is that you can also share your files with different people.  Another feature is that you can edit your documents right on the web and save it, using third-party apps built into Box. In higher editions of you can save different edited versions of your document. There are four editions of that you can choose from. Here is a list of all the editions provided by Box.

  • Lite Edition- Free- 1GB of Space
  • Individual- $9.95/month- 10GB of Space
  • Business- $15/month per user and 3+ users- 15GB/user
  • Enterprise- Call to get Price- Unlimited Storage

The Business edition includes more features (than lite and individual) such as password-protected file sharing, file-version history, and more.

The Enterprise edition includes all the previous features and many more features intended for company’s. also provides a mobile version of Box for the iPhone.

I have the Lite version and I would recommend it to people who want to have a few certain files easily accessible. Plus it’s free for 1GB!

Hello All. These are all my photos and videos from my visit to Macworld Expo

All excited to go down into the Expo

Here I am being interviewed at the WMWare Booth

And here is the video…

Me with people dressed as the Office for Mac symbols

The stage for The Macworld Best of Show Awards

Right before we go back home after an awesome Mac-Filled Day