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At the end of each year, IBM examines market and societal trends expected to transform our lives, as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s global labs, to develop a multi-year forecast called The Next 5 in 5.

IBM predicts that over the next five years technology innovations will change the way we work, live and play.

Do you think these predictions have come true? Let’s take a look at what IBM’s predictions were five years ago in 2006:

  1. We will be able to access healthcare remotely, from just about anywhere in the world
  2. Real-time speech translation—once a vision only in science fiction—will become the norm
  3. There will be a 3-D Internet
  4. Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance
  5. Our mobile phones will start to read our minds

Of those 3 out of the 5 have come true  (that’s incredible for any standards – 60% hit rate):

  1. Because of advancements in the internet, the cloud, and virtualization almost anyone with an internet connection has access to information, and in this case specifically health care information.
  2. Real-time speech translation has become true as well, one example would be the product from NTT Docomo, cell phone carrier in Japan, it is a service that works in person and over the phone.
  3. 3D Internet has not fully come true, but Google for example is experimenting with 3D technology with Google Maps on the computer and on some Android phones.
  4. Yes it has, because research and usage of nanotechnology has greatly increased. Even transistors have shrunk to around the size of an atom.
  5. Mobile phones do not have the capability to read our minds yet, let alone computers.

Now let’s look at what IBM is predicting for the next five years:

1. Energy: People Power will come to life

This means that we can generate electricity from anything in motion, so electricity will become cheaper and more abundant.

2. Security: You will never need a password again
Instead of having to create passwords with characters, retina scanners or voice detection will be used for identification.
3. Mind Reading: No longer Science Fiction
I’m guess that because even Cell Phones haven’t been able to read our mind yet, for 2011 they made the prediction that ANY electronic device will have the capability to read your mind.
4. Mobile: The digital divide will cease to exist
Around 80% of the worlds population will have a cellphone by 2016, also your cell phone will become more than it is today; your wallet, banker, fitness trainer, cell phone and more. Your phone can help you make decisions based on your own situations, for example when you order something to eat on your phone, it can take your health information and tell you whether or not what you are eating is healthy or bad for you
5. Analytics: Junk mail will become  priority mail
Programs will be able to filter through junk mail more efficiently and give you information that will interest you. It will sometimes make decisions or suggestions for you based on your previous actions and information it has gathered.

We just have to wait and watch, how in the next five years technology advances.

What do you think about these predictions?   Which one do you think will really happen?  Why or why not?  Please share your comments and join the conversation.


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My Halloween Costume: Siri


For Halloween this year I was a simple homemade costume: Siri!

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On Wednesday Aug, 24th there was an announcement that released shockwaves around the world. Steve Jobs had resigned as Apple CEO. Then new CEO will be Tim Cook, the previous Chief Operations Officer. Most of the world (including Steve Jobs) know that this man is capable of running Apple. Whenever Jobs was on sick leave Cook would take over at the helm, and he was good at it never letting the company down. Otherwise, Steve Jobs has been voted to become the Chairman of the Board, so he completely hasn’t left Apple.

Steve Jobs has been an amazing person (duhh). He created Apple. He got kicked out. Created NeXT. Bought Pixar and made it successful. And at the end came back to Apple and brought it from it’s death to what we know today. The iMac, iPod, iPhone, and the iPad all of Job’s greatest wonders.

Steve Jobs sent out an E-Mail to all Apple Employees. He explains his resignation, his successor, and his encouragement for the future of the company. It also states that he would like to serve as an Apple Employee.

I wish Tim Cook an amazing career ahead of him as CEO and great years ahead for Apple as a whole. I also wish Steve Jobs a great life ahead of him.


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Last Monday, the 11th, was my Birthday. And I went to the Apple Company Store. It’s the only place in the world where you can legally buy products with the Apple Logo on them. They also sell accessories Apple products, iPods, Apple TV’s, and the Mac Mini. But they don’t have a Genius Bar, Support, or a way to buy other Mac’s. So it’s very different from your average Apple Store.

Half the store is Apple Logo Stuff. There are a lot of shirts some with just the Apple Logo and some also with words. For example there was two shirts with words both which I liked. One said,”I visited the Apple Campus. But that’s all I’m allowed to say.” and another said, “I came. I saw. I bought a T-Shirt.” At the end I bought the second one because it was on a bright blue T-Shirt. There were collared shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, hats, and even stuff for babies. There were water bottles, lunch-bags, mugs, pens, key-chains, pens, pencils, and notebooks. I have to say the Prices were inflated. One shirt was $17, pens ranged form $3 to $30. Water-Bottle was $10 and a sweatshirt was $50. Well I guess that’s what you have to pay to wear Apple Swag. Along with the Shirt I bought a twisty pen, that writes amazingly smooth. Only thing is the ink is in a metal cylinder, I wonder where I could get refills?

Front of the T-Shirt

Back of the T-Shirt

Twist Pen

Overall it was an Amazing Birthday Experience and can’t wait to visit again. If you guys ever get the chance to visit the Bay Area the Apple Company Store must be on your places to see list.


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Today It was announced that Ron Johnson will be leaving Apple to join as the President and Future CEO of J.C. Penney. MR. Johnson is the man behind Apple’s amazing Apple Retail Stores. Every day around 200,000 people visit Apples Stores each day around the world. In the last 10 years Apple Apple has opened 323 Stores Internationally. After Apple had opened its Stores, its revenue and market share has steadily risen. Anybody can just walk inside the Apple Stores and use any product they want with no limitations, that the way the stores are set up make them extremely inviting. And it’s Customer Service is number one of any Tech Company. There was a Survey that said that People that didn’t even buy anything were still completely satisfied with Apple. So overall Ron has done a really great job in creating the Apple Retail Store. His hob at Apple is done. But somebody needs to replace his job so an Apple Spokesperson told AllThingsD that they are actively searching. Ron’s dream was always to be the CEO of a Company which I don’t think he will be at Apple. So I say good luck to him and his Work at J.C. Penney.


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On June 7th during a City Council Meeting Mr. Jobs unveiled the company’s plans to construct a new building. Over the last five years Apple has acquired land that was previously owned by Hewlett-Packard. Apple plans to clear the whole are and make 1 Circular Building that can house up to 12,000 Employees. That’s a lot of people in one building. It’s going to be 4 stories high and completely curved. Mr. Jobs says that every single piece of glass used for this building is curved. He mentioned that they are using their experience from building Retail Stores to build this new campus. Apple is going to turn the area from 20% landscape to 80% landscape. The are currently has 3,700 trees and they are going to make that 6,000. They are going to have an underground parking under the main building and a parking structure as well. Apple will have their own Auditorium so they don’t have to go to San Francisco every time they are going to have a presentation. Also Apple will have an Energy Center to create their own energy. Usually companies will get their energy from the grid and have an energy center for backup but Apple is doing the opposite the grid is their backup. Next to the Auditorium will be a Fitness Center and an R&D Facility.

Click this link to view the video.

I thinks Apple’s design idea is great. But you know what would’ve been better? If they made it in the shape of an Apple Symbol And make it big enough to view from Space. Also it’s inspiring to see Mr. Jobs passions for Apple. Even though he is on Sick Leave and he could’ve easily asked anybody else to give the presentation, he him self went to give the Presentation.


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Apple released Press Info on Tuesday telling the Public that Steve Jobs along with other Apple executives will be unveiling Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud at the opening WWDC Keynote on June 6 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. With this news there is one surprise, three clarifications, and one disappointment. The surprise is that Steve blogs Jobs will be the Keynote presenter even though he is on sick leave! A clarification is that Lion will be announced more publicly and most likely be given a date and price for it’s release at WWDC. Also that the next generation of iPhone Software will be called iOS 5 and be announced to the Public along with it’s release date. Another thing Apple might do for iOS Developers is give them a Gold Master version of iOS 5 immediately, before the real version is out. Last clarification is that after hearing so many rumors that Apple will release cloud service and what it might be called, Apple finally confirmed that it will be called iCloud. But we still don’t know the features of iCloud so we will have to wait till Monday’s keynote. Unfortunately Apple said nothing about a new iPhone. Other Apple-related blogs say that the next iPhone won’t be released until the September music event. This is ending the tradition of announcing the iPhone at WWDC which Apple has been doing for the last three years. Hopefully Jobs’ “one more thing” might be the iPhone 4. But this is the only information that we have now. All we can do now is speculate or wait till Monday to get all the information.


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Charlie and the Apple Factory

I just saw a funny parody of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” called Charlie and the Apple Factory by College Humor. It’s really funny, enjoy watching.

Video Link


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WWDC Sold Out in 10hrs!

This week Apple announced dates for their annual World Wide Developers Conference, June 6-10. They also started selling tickets for $1,599. And all the tickets were sold out in ten hours flat. That’s faster than last years week to sell out! There was a message on the invite, “Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.” This hints to a presentation with a new version of iOS and Mac OS X. There is a rumor that the next gen iPhone and iOS is going to be a huge update and will only be released to the public only in Fall. Hopefully it will be earlier.


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Happy Birthday Mr. Steve Jobs

Today Feb 24th is Mr. Jobs’ birthday, the Co-Founder of Apple Inc. Today he turns 56. Mr. Jobs is currently on a medical leave, but has been seen in public with the President Obama at a dinner. Hopefully his health is not affecting his Birthday.

Steve Jobs is an amazingly, unique person. He has started 2 companies in his lifetime: Apple and NeXT and has brought Pixar to the masses. NeXT was bought by Apple in 1997 to help create Mac OS X. Apple is now extremely successful with their Macintosh Computers, iPod MP3’s, iPhone’s, and the most recently their tablet, the iPad. When Steve was at Pixar they created the first fully animated movie Toy Story. Now there are animated movies everywhere. All thanks to the extremely remarkable man, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is also very inspiring. He inspires all of Apple’s employees to create all of Apple’s amazing products. He inspires people to buy Apple products. He inspires developers to code Apps for Mac OS X and iOS. He inspires hundreds of people everywhere for many different reasons.

Again to Mr. Steve Jobs Happy Birthday


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