The day I met Steve Woz, Apple co-founder, was one amazing day. One day my Dad told me about Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America, working in Obama’s Cabinet. I saw a video of one of his speeches and I was interested in meeting him. My Dad took me to a meeting where Mr.Chopra was giving a speech.

The meeting started  off by  introducing the panel of speaker starting with Aneesh Chopra. When they reached the last person, he said, “Guest-Speaker Steve Woz, Co-Founder of Apple Inc.” I almost leaped out of my seat. I was a Total Apple Fan and I am sitting 10 feet away from one of Apple’s founder!

After the meeting, I immediately went to meet Mr. Woz, it was a bit tough tunneling through mobs of adults but I finally got there. I introduced myself to Woz and shook his hand.  I told him that I had read his autobiography, iWoz. He became very excited and gave a hug.  He then said, ” Thanks for reading my autobiography buddy. Here’s my email, send me your address and I’ll send you a metal gift card.” I was so amazed and took a picture with him. Later  I took a picture with Mr.Chopra.  I couldn’t believe I met Mr.Woz.  Later, just before Mr.Woz left the hall, I ran to him and took his autograph on the event flyer.

Later I did have few email exchanges  with him and he has always,  always promptly responded, very impressive, he has time for young people like me. Also,  I received his autographed business card made out of metal.

Here is the picture of me with Woz

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