I’ve been wondering on what Apple will show at tomorrows Special Event So here is the list of what I think.

iPad 2 (Duh):   I think it’s pretty obvious that there is going to be a revision of the iPad based on the invitation, but will the new features be?                                                                                                                                                  Hardware:

  • Camera’s for Face Time
  • Better Screen, but not likely to be as good as the Retina Display
  • Better Stereo System maybe with an extra speaker
  • More Memory, mainly for tablet competition and high-performance apps
  • SD Card Slot for Data (Photo) transfer
  • More Storage The 16 GB will definitely stay but the 32 GB might disappear
  • Thinner and Lighter Design, usual of Apple
  • Cheaper Pricing, Slight but a difference
  • Gyroscope so the iPad can add to it’s other sense utilize apps that need a Gyro
  • Verizon cellular chip side by the ATT cellular chip


  • iOS 4.3 GM for developers and a public release within a week
  • Widgets for the Home Screen and Lock Screen
  • Notification System that is revised and WAY better
  • Better way to give presentations
  • Photo Booth for iPad (Only if it has a camera that is)

Steve Jobs is currently on a Medical Leave, but there are rumors that he will still be the presenter tomorrow. Otherwise Steve Jobs will talk about how iOS is doing in the market,stat’s, diss competition and other stuff like that. Also rumored that Apple $99 service Mobile-Me will now become free to all users. Those would probably be the main things tomorrow, unless Steve Jobs has his normal ” One More Thing… “. Hopefully.

Well come back tomorrow to see how Apple has surprised the world, again.


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