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You might have heard of a lot of Angry Bird Cakes, iPhone Cakes, etc. But this cake is different from them all. You can actually play the game on the cake!!! Now how cool is that!


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Today Apple began to send E-Mails to Technology Pundits, Gurus, and of course the press for a Special Event scheduled for March 2nd. The invites have a calender picture for March 2nd peeling back to a picture of an iPad. Below there is a line that reads, “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.” I still have no idea what they are going to release can anybody give me a clue? Unfortunately, Apple has forgotten to send me an invite, maybe next time. People are going to be speculating more than ever on what the new iPad is going to have… or not going to have.

Picture Courtesy of EngadgetThe event is going to be held at the same place where the original iPad was announced, The Yerba Buena Center for Arts.

Kara Swisher predicted yesterday that there would be a March 2nd Event for the iPad 2. I wonder where she found that out even before Apple sent out there invites.


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Apple has Tweaked their Menu Bar, Barely

Today Apple has seemed to have barely tweaked their menu bar on their Website. Before it used to have a silver background with black text, but now it has a graphite background with white text. The Menu Bar buttons/links seem to have stayed the same. There is no obvious reason for this change, but I predict it might lead to a whole site change.


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Finally after around 3 months of waiting the Mac App Store is released! Mac App Store comes with Mac OS X Update to version 10.6.6.

The Mac App Store is pretty much a Mac software shop to get Free or Commercial Software for your Mac. The User Interface for the App Store is what it looks like for the App Store on iTunes combined with the App Store on an iDevice. To start off as soon as you open the App it asks you to log-in to your iTunes Account; so when you buy an App it uses the Credit Card info connected to your iTunes Account. Also there is a Search Bar to search for apps.

There are 5 Categories in a Menu Bar up on the top of the App. Those categories on the top are: Featured, Top Charts, Categories, Purchases, and Updates.



The Featured Tab









Top Charts Tab







Categories Tab







Downloading an App: Downloading Apps is the easiest part in using the App Store. When you’re on the page of the App you want, under the App Icon it will either say Free or a Price, all you have to do is click that and then the App Icon flies into your dock and begins to download and install automatically. Then as soon its finished loading the App is ready to use!

Hope you found this post useful.


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Recently Apple reported to the world that the White iPhone 4 won’t be available till Spring next year. They keep reporting that the phone is “more challenging to manufacture than expected.”  That’s the same thing Apple keeps repeating again since the release of the iPhone 4. I

and many other people think that people would not even care for the White iPhone 4 anymore for two reasons.

1. People can’t wait that long to get an iPhone so they will grudgingly buy a Black iPhone.

2. By the time the Whit iPhone shows up, in a few months the 5th Generation of the iPhone will come out and people might wait to get the new one.

So when the white iPhone 4 finally comes out there won’t be a huge mob of people (other than obsessive White iPhone wanters) waiting in line to get one. And hopefully in the next iteration of the iPhone Apple will be able to make it in White faster.

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Mac OS Lion

Last Wednesday Apple gave a sneak peek of the newest Mac OS, Lion at an Event named “Back to the Mac”

And when Jobs says “Back to the Mac” he literally means it. He talked about how Mac OS X the most advanced OS in the world helped develop iOS. After iOS that paved the way for the iOS for iPad and now some ideas commonly used on the iPad are being taken “Back to the Mac”. During this preview Apple showed three new major features and some minor things.

Minor Updates: Almost all the Apps can be run in Full Screen, and a more multi-touch gestures.

Mac App Store: Like the famous App Store on all the iOS devices, an App Store is coming to a Mac near you. Apple said that they will release it 90 days from the date 10/20/10. The same rules for the iOS App Store apply to the Mac App Store too. Ex: Profit Shares are 30/70 toward the developer. Apple said that you can use the same iTunes Account and that it is extremely easy to download an App. As soon as you read about the App and decide to download it the icon pops out of the Mac App Store and Onto your dock.

My Opinion on the Mac App Store: I think that the Mac App Store is an amazing idea, especially for developers. Now there is a way for Mac users to have one place to find Apps they want or need. It will be easier for developers to have their App been known other than someone having to find it on their own. Luckily the Mac app Store won’t be the only place to get Apps which is a relief, because that would mean Apple would be taking control over Mac as well as your iPhone, and apps you want that aren’t on the App Store aren’t available to you unless you jailbreak it. But what Apple is doing right now is a gate way for developers and consumers.

Mission Control: Mission Control is an extension upon the already amazing feature of Expose. Now it groups all the windows of the same app in a pile, it displays all the Full-Screen apps on the top of the screen, and a display of Dashboard, your desktop and all your spaces. You also have a full, clear view of the dock.

Launchpad: Launchpad is one of the main ideas that has come from the iPad. This is a new way to access all your Applications. It’s User Interface is like the iPad with pages of Apps, where you can switch through pages with the and can create iOS like folders. You can group Apps into pages and move them where you want.

These were the new features that Apple showed off last wedneday.

To find out more about Lion click this link.


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The day I met Steve Woz, Apple co-founder, was one amazing day. One day my Dad told me about Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America, working in Obama’s Cabinet. I saw a video of one of his speeches and I was interested in meeting him. My Dad took me to a meeting where Mr.Chopra was giving a speech.

The meeting started  off by  introducing the panel of speaker starting with Aneesh Chopra. When they reached the last person, he said, “Guest-Speaker Steve Woz, Co-Founder of Apple Inc.” I almost leaped out of my seat. I was a Total Apple Fan and I am sitting 10 feet away from one of Apple’s founder!

After the meeting, I immediately went to meet Mr. Woz, it was a bit tough tunneling through mobs of adults but I finally got there. I introduced myself to Woz and shook his hand.  I told him that I had read his autobiography, iWoz. He became very excited and gave a hug.  He then said, ” Thanks for reading my autobiography buddy. Here’s my email, send me your address and I’ll send you a metal gift card.” I was so amazed and took a picture with him. Later  I took a picture with Mr.Chopra.  I couldn’t believe I met Mr.Woz.  Later, just before Mr.Woz left the hall, I ran to him and took his autograph on the event flyer.

Later I did have few email exchanges  with him and he has always,  always promptly responded, very impressive, he has time for young people like me. Also,  I received his autographed business card made out of metal.

Here is the picture of me with Woz

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Updated Mac Pro

Apple last week said that they are going to update their Mac Pro line.

They will release the new Mac Pro in August.

Here is a list of all the new changes.

  • Can now have option of 4,6,8 or 12 cores
  • Processor has only one die which makes it 1.5x faster
  • Cores now support Hyper-Threading
  • HD ATI Graphics with up to 1GB of Memory
  • Up to 8TB of Storage
  • Now have the option to add 4 SSD’s
  • Two 18x Super Drive Models

And those are pretty much all the updates for the Mac Pro which will be available to everybody in August.

Click this link to find more on the Mac Pro.

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iPhone 4

Its been 6 days since the iPhone has come out and Apple has already sold, 1.8 million iPhone 4’s.

In this post I will be discussing the new features (hardware and software) of the iPhone 4, and one issue iPhone 4 owners have.


1. All-New Design: The new iPhone is 24% thinner than the 3GS, at 9.3 millimeters thin.. Also instead of the polycarbonate back, it now has a glass on the front and back. The iPhone 4 also now has a stainless steel band all around the phone, the steel band is used as the phones’ Antennae. The volume controls

2.  A4 Chip: The iPhone 4 now has Apple’s custom built chip that is also built into the iPad. Except the the chip used in the iPhone might be clocked down a bit.

3. The Retina-Display: The iPhone 4 has an all new 960-by-640 display called the Retina Display. The new iPhone has around 333 Pixels per in., which is 4 times more pixels than the 3GS. It is called the Retina Display because all the Pixels are so dense together that the naked eye can not individualize the pixels. The display also uses IPS technology for great viewing from ant angle. The iPhone display is still 3.5in.

4. Camera System: Apple has now added a Front-Facing Camera for video chat. It can take pictures and video. And the Camera on the back has been upgraded to a 5MP Camera, which can now record 720p HD video at 30 fps. Apple has now added a flash to use while taking a picture, or while recording video.

5. Mic #2: The phone still has it’s normal speaker and mic. but Apple has added a second mic. on the top of the phone. The 2nd mic. is the main mic when recording video or placing a Face-Time chat. The 2nd mic is also used for noise-cancellation while on a call, that’s when the 1st mic is primarily used.

6. Gyroscope: The iPhone 4 now comes with a 3-axis gyroscope with angular velocity. So the iPhone now has pitch, roll and yaw. And rotation around gravity. So now developers can add features to their app to use the gyroscope and enlighten your iPhone experience.


1. iOS 4: The iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4 with all the features.

2. iMovie: Apple has built their own App called iMovie for the iPhone, where you can edit videos, create new projects, and upload it onto the web, all right on your phone.:

2. FaceTime: When making a phone call there is new button on the interface labeled FaceTime. When calling another iPhone 4 owner you can click that button and immediately video chat with them. You can switch between the Front-Facing Camera and the one on the back.

Overall My Opinion:

I think Apple has done a great job with the iPhone 4. The thing that caught my eye when I first saw the iPhone 4, was the Retina Display. It was just stunning, and like Apple said you can’t individualize the pixels by the naked eye.


iPhone 3GS   8GB    $99               Black only

iPhone 4        16GB   $199             Black and White

iPhone 4        32GB   $299             Black and White


iPhone 4 Dock                     $29

iPhone 4 Bumpers (cases)         White, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, and Sky Blue     $29

And these are the new feature of the iPhone 4.

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And be on the lookout for more posts on Apple and more! is a company that lets you upload Documents, Photos, and other Media on the Web. As soon as it’s uploaded on the web, you can log onto Box from any computer(with internet) and access those files. One feature is that you can also share your files with different people.  Another feature is that you can edit your documents right on the web and save it, using third-party apps built into Box. In higher editions of you can save different edited versions of your document. There are four editions of that you can choose from. Here is a list of all the editions provided by Box.

  • Lite Edition- Free- 1GB of Space
  • Individual- $9.95/month- 10GB of Space
  • Business- $15/month per user and 3+ users- 15GB/user
  • Enterprise- Call to get Price- Unlimited Storage

The Business edition includes more features (than lite and individual) such as password-protected file sharing, file-version history, and more.

The Enterprise edition includes all the previous features and many more features intended for company’s. also provides a mobile version of Box for the iPhone.

I have the Lite version and I would recommend it to people who want to have a few certain files easily accessible. Plus it’s free for 1GB!