On Wednesday Aug, 24th there was an announcement that released shockwaves around the world. Steve Jobs had resigned as Apple CEO. Then new CEO will be Tim Cook, the previous Chief Operations Officer. Most of the world (including Steve Jobs) know that this man is capable of running Apple. Whenever Jobs was on sick leave Cook would take over at the helm, and he was good at it never letting the company down. Otherwise, Steve Jobs has been voted to become the Chairman of the Board, so he completely hasn’t left Apple.

Steve Jobs has been an amazing person (duhh). He created Apple. He got kicked out. Created NeXT. Bought Pixar and made it successful. And at the end came back to Apple and brought it from it’s death to what we know today. The iMac, iPod, iPhone, and the iPad all of Job’s greatest wonders.

Steve Jobs sent out an E-Mail to all Apple Employees. He explains his resignation, his successor, and his encouragement for the future of the company. It also states that he would like to serve as an Apple Employee.

I wish Tim Cook an amazing career ahead of him as CEO and great years ahead for Apple as a whole. I also wish Steve Jobs a great life ahead of him.


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