Apple sells three solutions to have a wireless network at home; the Airport Express, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule. Time Capsule is an Airport Extreme with storage that will back-up your Mac using Time Machine. Apple used to sell a 1TB and 2TB Time Capsules. Now they have 2TB at $299 and 3TB at $499. There were rumors that Airport Extreme and Time Capsule were getting a major update, but after this it doesn’t seem so.

At the price of $299 and $299 the Time Capsule is pretty expensive. What would be cheaper to do is to buy an Airport Extreme and an External Hard Drive of your choice. the plug the Hard Drive into the Airport Extreme and it will work exactly like the Time Capsule. And the Hard Drive is accessible to all computers using that Wi-Fi network. You get all of this for a WAY cheaper price, but you lose the instant plug-and-play of the Time Capsule.


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