Today Feb 24th is Mr. Jobs’ birthday, the Co-Founder of Apple Inc. Today he turns 56. Mr. Jobs is currently on a medical leave, but has been seen in public with the President Obama at a dinner. Hopefully his health is not affecting his Birthday.

Steve Jobs is an amazingly, unique person. He has started 2 companies in his lifetime: Apple and NeXT and has brought Pixar to the masses. NeXT was bought by Apple in 1997 to help create Mac OS X. Apple is now extremely successful with their Macintosh Computers, iPod MP3’s, iPhone’s, and the most recently their tablet, the iPad. When Steve was at Pixar they created the first fully animated movie Toy Story. Now there are animated movies everywhere. All thanks to the extremely remarkable man, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is also very inspiring. He inspires all of Apple’s employees to create all of Apple’s amazing products. He inspires people to buy Apple products. He inspires developers to code Apps for Mac OS X and iOS. He inspires hundreds of people everywhere for many different reasons.

Again to Mr. Steve Jobs Happy Birthday


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