Have you or your friend seen someone with an App you really want, but for someone reason can’t buy it at the time. Yes I’ve been in your shoes. Let me show you how to get Paid Apps from friends and/or give Paid Apps to people for free. But just to tell you can only do this with the same app about 5 times. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go.

1. Make sure you or your friend has successfully bought the App.

2. Go to Settings > App Store ; then sign out of your iTunes Account

3. Type in your account (or ask your friend to type in theirs)

4. Go to the App Store and find the App you want to download and download it

5. Soon a Pop-Up will show up that you have already purchased this app and will ask if you want to download it for free, of course say yes

6. Wait for it to completely download and then REMEMBER TO LOG OUT OF THE YOUR OR YOUR FRIENDS ACCOUNT.

There you’re all done! Now you know how to share apps with people you want to.


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