Recently Apple reported to the world that the White iPhone 4 won’t be available till Spring next year. They keep reporting that the phone is “more challenging to manufacture than expected.”  That’s the same thing Apple keeps repeating again since the release of the iPhone 4. I

and many other people think that people would not even care for the White iPhone 4 anymore for two reasons.

1. People can’t wait that long to get an iPhone so they will grudgingly buy a Black iPhone.

2. By the time the Whit iPhone shows up, in a few months the 5th Generation of the iPhone will come out and people might wait to get the new one.

So when the white iPhone 4 finally comes out there won’t be a huge mob of people (other than obsessive White iPhone wanters) waiting in line to get one. And hopefully in the next iteration of the iPhone Apple will be able to make it in White faster.

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