On September 1st, Apple  released the new iPod Touch

iPod Touch:

The new iPod Touch has many new features, Now it’s almost exactly like the iPhone counterpart. Here’s a list of the new features and some details.

Camera: The new iPod Touch comes with two cameras. A back-facing and front-facing camera for FaceTime. The front-facing camera is the same as the iPhones but the Back one isn’t. It has a different color tinge and a lower quality. Both camera’s capture video and pictures.

Retina Display: It also comes withe same 334 ppi Retina Display as the iPhone, its exactly like the iPhone’s display.

Microphone: The new touch includes a microphone unlike previous models

iOs 4.1: The new iPod Touch comes with iOS 4.1 which includes bug fixes for iOS Devices and Game Center

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