So the iPad has been out for two months already. And Apple has already sold 2 Million of them!

For those who don’t know what the iPad is or haven’t been able to get there hands on one, here is a summary about the iPad.

Well the iPad is what you may call Apple’s version of a Tablet, or a large iPod Touch. The iPad has a 9.7inch Back-lit LED display and runs on iPhone OS 3.2. Since it runs iPhone OS it has all the features of an iPod Touch and can run all apps available on the App Store. It runs the 1GHz A4 chip, custom built by Apple. The iPad also has a battery life of a little bit over ten hours and a month on standby(sleep). The iPad is a 1/2 inch thick has an aluminum back and a glass touchscreen on the front, and weighs 1.5lbs.


Since the iPad display is 9.7′ your iPhone App will tun at the iPhone size. At the bottom right corner there is 2x button. This button will double the size of the app to fill the whole screen, but the clarity lowers a bit. Apple is providing an SDK for developers who want  their app built specifically for the iPad with newer and better features.

The Apps provided by Apple might look a bit different than the it looks in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Since the iPad has a big screen , Apple has tweaked their Apps to use the potential of the full screen. Some iPad specific Apps might be that way to.


There are 6 models currently, with 2 different and important factors, storage and network connectivity. There are 3 Wi-Fi  models and 3 Wi-Fi + 3G ones, all with a 16, 32, and a 64 GB Models.

16GB Wi-Fi            – $499.00

32GB Wi-Fi            -$599.00

64GB Wi-Fi            -$699.00

16GB Wi-Fi + 3G  -$629.00

32GB Wi-Fi + 3G  -$729.00

64GB Wi-Fi + 3G  -$829.00

And these all are all the current prices for the iPad.

3G Pricing:

At&t will be providing Data-Plans for the iPad with 3G, with No Contract. For 250MB a month it will be$15.00. and $25.00 for 2GB.


Apple has come up with it’s own E-Book reader for the iPad, called iBooks. The iBooks App also has it’s own store where you can download your books from. You can also read PDF’s through this App.


Apple has a list of accessories for the iPad.

1. A case than can fold into a stand for viewing at different angles. $29.00

2. A simple iPad dock. $29.00

3. An iPad keyboard dock, a dock with an attached keyboard. $69.oo

4.iPad Camera Connection Kit. Two dongles that attach to the 30-Pin Dock Connector. One with a USB and the other with an SD card outlet. These dongles are only for transferring photos directly from your camera to iPad. $29.00

5. Extra USB power adapter. $29.00

6.iPad to VGA adapter converter, to connect to other output devices. $29.00

And that is the iPad for you.